Audit / AUP Mass Film Tax Credit

  • We’ve assisted 150+ Productions
  • You know how to produce your project – we know how to maximize your Credit
  • Unlimited 25% Tax Credit for both above & below the line qualifying expenses
  • Minimum $50K spend on commercials, documentaries, movies, multi-media, music videos, TV series, Webisodes

Audit / AUP NY Film Tax Credit

Significantly MINIMIZE your application wait time by having us perform the audit / AUP (instead of ESD)

Eligible Productions:

  • Commercials (applications submitted on an annual basis)
  • Feature / Indie Films
  • Television Series, including pilots
  • Post Production Credit (separate credit)

NonProfit Audits, Review & Compilations

You know how to run your Organization – Leave the Financial Stuff to us!

We know how to prepare your

  • Financial Statements
  • Footnote Disclosures
  • Federal & State Information Returns

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Tax Services

Relieve your stress!  Leave the tax stuff to us!
And we stand 100% behind all of our tax work:

  • NonProfit Organizations
  • Corporations
  • LLCs / LLPs / Partnerships
  • Individuals
  • Estates
  • Trusts

Specialized Industries

We understand the unique tax challenges that some clergy may encounter:

  • W2 wages vs. 1099s
  • Should I establish a loan-out?
  • Professional expenses vs. Personal expenses
  • Capitalization of film production expenses vs. Section 181
  • Section 199 – Manufacturing Tax Credit

  • Parsonage housing allowance
  • Home office & other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Exemption from self-employment tax
  • Estimated tax payments

Resolution IRS / State Notices

There’s an old saying that only a fool represents himself in court.
So why would you represent yourself in front of the IRS / state tax authorities?
We know how to best present your situation to the IRS / State Taxation Agent:

  • Close to 100% success problem resolution rate
  • You will never speak to an IRS / State Taxation Agent again